Absulut Vodka



I model tese bottle, for using it on  furniture render for moveme.

I  have used Blender to model and render, blender is  open-source program its free, and the most powerful 3d plication i ever used.

Why share the 3d model for free?

A 3D artist lose the majority off the time in a scene on texturing, shading, and modeling secondary objects for a scene, etc. And knowing these i try to use free models always, but  lot of the times I have to model them and it hurts, because consume more time and then i lose some competitivity.

A good 3d artist is capable of doing  better model than these i share, i have invested 30 minutes for these, and i chose to share it for other artist, because wen other artist use a model i have made he is saving time and show my work to other places that my model never wood achieve, and my model will have more life, because someone is breadign a heave that some day was mine !