Born in 1982 in Porto, Ricardo graduated in Industrial Design in 2007 in Lusíada College from the Porto University. During graduation, he worked teaching multimedia software in a private School. After graduation, he worked as rendering freelancer for the construction sector and was admitted in the Institute of Mechanical Engineering INEGI as responsible for producing rigid and flexible casting moulds and prototypes. Throughout this three year period, he developed expertise in shaping medical prosthetics and tools for the medical industry, and in the investment casting tools to materialize the models in titanium alloys. In 2013 to 2016 I was admitted in Moveme a furniture company, to empower the technical department team, in the time invested he helped to develop new lines of furniture and was responsible to make the fabrication of furniture with specials measures and needs, he was responsible for the photorealistic rendering for the marketing team. In 2016 he made his brand Mazecreative, and he is working as a consultant to several companies and startups, like, MAKEIT, APISTECH, H.GOMES, on product development. He as several projects that he invests is free time, like, Problender, hardwarecity, Enable-the-future etc. The personal side, he is a very communicative person, passion-driven for the communities of open source, RepRap, Blender, Movimento maker.
If you don’t like the world, you should create a better one!